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Simpler Transfers with HandySheet and HandyTube

We are now launching Handy – a series of manual aids intended to complement our wide range of lifts and accessories.

First out are the sliding sheets HandySheet and HandyTube. Both products are made of the same low-friction fabric but have slightly different application areas.

HandySheet is mainly used to facilitate the application of a sling in a seated or recumbent position. HandyTube is used, for example, to reposition a patient higher up in bed, to turn a patient in the bed or for transfers between two beds.

Some unique advantages are the pockets on HandySheet which facilitate positioning in narrow wheelchairs and the loops on the longer version of HandySheet with which the sheet can be secured to the head end of the bed. Both solutions are unique to the Handy series and are registered Liko designs.

Please contact us for a personal demonstration.

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From the very beginning consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding-star. Our concept reflects our vision in our daily activity - always to improve life quality for patients and caregivers globally.